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9 Best Room Air Purifier for Virus

Air Purifiers are what make our homes fresh, lively, and breathable. Having the best room air purifier for viruses and bacteria at home or the workplace will have a pleasant effect on you. In addition, we all know how COVID-19 has hit the world; therefore, it’s essential to buy the best Air Purifiers to keep you safe this winter.

Besides that, according to WHO, around 7 million people die each year from bad and toxic air. Hence, it’s essential to spend a few amounts on Air Purifiers so that you can protect your health. 

Wondering where you can get them?

Don’t worry; we got you covered! 

The 9 Best Room Air Purifiers for virus

Online marketplace has thousands of options while you look for the best air purifier. We have compiled the best 9 from those you will not regret. Keep eye on review analysis for better understanding.

1. PARTU HEPA air purifier

The PARTU HEPA air purifier is one of the best environmental-friendly air purifiers to use at home. It protects the Ozone, saves you from irritating dust, and keeps your room purified.

9 Best Room Air Purifier for Virus9 Best Room Air Purifier for Virus


  • Three-stage power filtration.
  • 100% Ozone-free.
  • Built-in fragrance sponge for customized scents.
  • Compact size and shape.
  • Beautiful black cover.
  • Set Lock for child and pets protection.

Why Do You Need This?

Perfect Filtration

The PARTU HEPA purifier comes with a three-stage fan process. First comes the pre-filter, followed by the ultimate HEPA filter, then finally a carbon-active filter to capture and resist even the tiniest dirt particles.

Scent Sponge

The PARTU HEPA’s fragrance sponge is too good to miss. The sponge inside this purifier is ready to sprinkle all the fragrance of your choice. Add a tiny drop of your favorite scent like essential oil with some water and let the sponge perform its magic.

Compact Design

The smart PARTU HEPA purifier can rest on any part of your room and be equally powerful everywhere.

Review Analysis

PARTU HEPA purifier became quite popular among people who had smelly pets as it controlled the odor. The reviewers were stunned to see its compact size and how well they could breathe.

The PARTU HEPA purifier creates a little noise while running that might disturb some.

What’s Best With This Item?

The filter replacement alerts and easy-replacing filters are among the best factors of the PARTU HEPA air purifier.

2. LEVOIT, the best room air purifier for virus

LEVOIT is a sleek home air purifier suitable for pets and people with allergies. LEVOIT filters dust, smoke, hair, pollen, and other tiny particles. It is a very good performer against cold viruses and allergens in the winter months.


  • Environment and Ozone friendly.
  • Ultimate Silent mode.
  • Highly Efficient air circulation.
  • Best quality replacement filters.
  • Electricity operated.

Why Do You Need This?

Smokers friendly

The LEVOIT air purifier contains an activated carbon filter that sucks all the smoke, leaving the room with a pleasant odor.

Quiet Hours

The LEVIOT purifiers work at a mere 25dB, which will not disturb you during your sleep hours.

4x Purification

LEVIOT purifies your surroundings with four sprays an hour to ensure maximum purification and minimum dust particles.

Review Analysis

The LEVIOT purifier has a superb 4.5 out of 5 ratings at Amazon, which shows how much the customers trust it for their home. They have used LEVIOT for their kitchen and pets, and the results were satisfactory.

However, some complained that the purifier doesn’t function well in some places, gives off a burning odor sometimes, and is too costly.

What’s Best With This Item?

LEVIOT air purifier’s best thing is its efficiency for pets, night lights, and quiet running.

3. Honeywell HPA300 air purifier

The Honeywell HPA300 is the perfect solution for your dust allergies. This fantastic air purifier is as effective as its size.

9 Best Room Air Purifier for Virus9 Best Room Air Purifier for Virus


  • Full-sized air purifier
  • Reduces germs and allergens.
  • 5x room purification.
  • Wider area coverage.
  • Doctors recommend it.
  • Captures 99.97% of dust particles.

Why Do You Need This?

Automatic Timer

Now you can set a timer on Honeywell HPA300 and save electricity and filter efficiency by letting it function on fixed times.

120 Sprays A Day

The Honeywell HPA300 filters your surrounding environment five times an hour, which means that 120 times a day, this purifier makes your home smell nice.

Covers More

The coverage area of Honeywell HPA300 is much more than other purifiers, which is ideal for big halls.

Review Analysis

The Honeywell HPA300 air purifier has many satisfied Amazon customers, explaining the 4.6 out of 5 ratings. The customers said that it purifies well, lessened their dust allergies, and lightened the air.

On the negative side, Honeywell HPA300 can exhibit unpleasant odor sometimes, and the installation is not as easy as it looks.

What’s Best With This Item?

The Honeywell HPA300 is certified by doctors to remove pollen, pet hair, smoke, dust, and other microns from the air.

4. TOPPIN HEPA air purifier

The TOPPIN HEPA air purifier is perfect for your bedroom, especially if you have little furry pets sleeping with you. Say Goodbye to dust using TOPPIN HEPA.

9 Best Room Air Purifier for Virus9 Best Room Air Purifier for Virus


  • Cleans pet hair dangers from air
  • Incredible UV night light
  • H11 HEPA filter for a clear atmosphere
  • Adjustable 3 level fan speed
  • No-noise operations
  • One-touch button for ease of use.

Why Do You Need This?

Single Touch Operation

The TOPPIN HEPA purifier has simple controls with only a one-touch button to adjust the fan speed level. You can also turn UV light on and off with a single button—no other complicated buttons.

Attractive UV Lights

The TOPPIN HEPA has enchanting UV night lights that illuminate your room. You can turn it on or off too.


The H11 HEPA filters are great for your pets and control their odor through its nano-silver carbon coating layers.

Review Analysis

People with kids and pets highly admire TOPPIN HEPA. They were happy with the performance and gave it a 4.8 rating, which is excellent.

What’s Best With This Item?

The UV night lights are perfect.

5. Alen FLEX air purifier

If you want to purify a large hall room (almost 700sqft), there is no better option than the Alen FLEX stainless air purifier.

9 Best Room Air Purifier for Virus9 Best Room Air Purifier for Virus


  • Brushed stainless color.
  • Counters dust, allergens, germs, fungi, and dander.
  • H13 True HEPA filter for removal of 99.99% air pollutants.
  • Cleans larger areas twice in 30 minutes.
  • Perfect light controls and sleep mode.
  • Consumes low energy
  • Relatively lightweight.

Why Do You Need This?

Perfect For Fitness Centers

Gyms and other fitness centers are filled with sweat and body odor; therefore, an air purifier, just like Alen FLEX, will absorb all the odor from inside, leaving the environment clean.

Sleep Champ

The Alen FLEX purifier reduces more irritating particles that can affect our nasal passage, leaving us to sleep longer with healthy breathing.

Noise Controls

The Alen FLEX purifier exhibits white noise, and the turbo mode makes even lesser noise for perfect sleep.

Review Analysis

People have installed the Alen FLEX into their living halls and expressed their joy about the quality. However, some people had difficulty with noise and chemical odor. Overall, the Alen FLEX’s rating is 4.7 out of 5 from over 1100 reviewers which means it serves the purposes well.

What’s Best With This Item?

The large-scale air purification for big rooms.

6. MOOKA room air purifier

If you want 360-protection with eco-friendly air purification, there is no better option than the best air purifier by Mooka.

9 Best Room Air Purifier for Virus9 Best Room Air Purifier for Virus


  • Whisper mode for night time
  • Energy efficiency
  • Simple, straightforward design
  • Cleans 50 cubic meters per hour
  • Eco-friendly with no ozone emission.
  • Suitable for children and adults.

Why Do You Need This?

Safe Breathing

The CARB certification ensures that the Mooka air purifier absorbs all the particles that can be harmful to our respiratory system.

Ease of Use

The Mooka air purifier has a single button to adjust the fan speed.


Best air purifier for putting near table lambs for kids –dust and fear both gone.

Review Analysis

The users of the MOOKA air purifier praise it for its low price and high efficiency. One issue that disturbs them is that they cannot turn off the light.

More than 3400 reviews with 70% 5-star tells the story, isn’t it!

What’s Best With This Item?

Lesser noise, compact size, and sensible air purifier for viruses.

7. ‘Germ Guardian air purifier

The Germ Guardian air purifier is a multi-purpose tool to purify your home environment and fight bacteria that cause flu and other airborne diseases.

9 Best Room Air Purifier for Virus9 Best Room Air Purifier for Virus


  • Kills many types of germs and bacteria
  • Traps animal hair
  • Best air purifier for viruses
  • Reduces kitchen smoke and odor.
  • Less noise for peaceful nights
  • Three-speed settings
  • Energy star verified.

Why Do You Need This?

Clean Air Delivery

The four-times efficient air purification technology is too good to miss. The CAD rate for dust, pollen, and smoke are outstanding.

4 in 1 Functionality

The True HEPA filters, carbon filter, UV-C light, and TIO2 treatment combines to tackle all the dust and dirt inside of your room.

AHAM Verified

The Germ Guardian air purifier is AHAM and Energy Star certified for destroying 99.97 percent of the dust.

Review Analysis

The Germ Guardian users are satisfied with its air-filtering system. There are a few concerns about the unit’s burning odor.

But if we go through a bulky number of reviews (more than 2200) we can see 76% people gave it 5-star. By that it has got a huge advantage in the market.

What’s Best With This Item?

In our view, the 4 in 1 counter dust attacks is the best feature.

8. Medify Air MA-15 air purifier

The Medify Air MA-15 is an excellent air purifier for viruses and dust removal with an incredible child-safety feature and filter-replacement indicators.

9 Best Room Air Purifier for Virus9 Best Room Air Purifier for Virus


  • Sleek and compact design
  • Extended filter life of 2500 hours.
  • Child lock mode.
  • Dual-HEPA filters for turbo purification.
  • Three fan modes.
  • Covers area up to 330sqft in half an hour.

Why Do You Need This?


The Medify Air MA-15 gives its customers a fantastic dual protective air filtering with the help of Dual HEPA technology.

Broader Area Coverage

The Medify Air MA-15 is one of the best air purifiers covering a larger area, whether it’s your bedroom or office.

Child Lock

Keeps your child away by Medify Air child lock.

Review Analysis

The buyers of the Medify Air MA-15 applauded its dual HEPA filter in one HEPA filter price and gave it a 4.7 rating. The Medify Air filter needs early replacement.

What’s Best With This Item?

The Dual HEPA filter. Air purifier MA-15 is a new product of 2020 by Medify Air who has a reputation in this market.

9. COLZER air purifier

If you require the best air purifier for viruses that cover larger spaces with a compact shape, COLZER Air Purifier is the best one.

9 Best Room Air Purifier for Virus9 Best Room Air Purifier for Virus


  • Intelligent sensors and automatic purification
  • Customizable purification timers.
  • FCC certified for more safety.
  • Best air purifier for rooms up to 800 sqft
  • 28 dB operational noise –almost quiet.

Why Do You Need This?

Customizable Timer

The Colzer Air Purifier gives its users the authority to adjust how many times it purifies the room within a specific time frame.


The HEPA filters inside Colzer Air Purifiers are long-lasting up to 6 months.

Review Analysis

The Colzer Air Purifier loves its automatic functioning and sleep mode. Reviewers have rated it as one of the best air purifiers for viruses and gave it a 4.6 rating (84% users).

What’s Best With This Item?

Automatic controls.

How We Reviewed?

We shortlisted these air filters based on their brand image, market value, price and delivery efficiency, customer care, and honest reviews. In addition, we have make sure that we can provide you authentic information on the best Air Purifiers so you don’t get confused about which one is best for you.

Your life matters a lot! Hence, we have picked the ones which are beneficial for your health and can work faster.

Final Verdict:

Getting the best air purifier is a challenging task. But we have made choosing the best purifier much easier for you. However, keep in mind that you have to select the right size of air purifier, so it can adjust easily in your room.

People who have Asthma should avoid using v electrically-charged purifiers as they can have a bad impact on their health.


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