How to Set and Achieve Realistic Weight Loss plan

Trying to lose weight? Find out the right way to do it.

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You’re trying to lose weight and as soon as you step on the weighing scale, you’re disappointed and decide not to eat anything the whole day. That’s the worst thing you can do for yourself. Losing weight is a journey that requires you to put in the effort and be patient with the results; it’s a way of life.

Eating healthy and working out are both very important to losing weight and work well in tandem. We’ve compiled a list of ways you can set realistic and achievable targets for yourself per the popular SMART method:

1. S – Be specific

Simply telling yourself you need to eat healthily and workout is not enough. You need to be more specific in how many calories you will eat per day and how many calories you aim to lose during the day. Giving yourself specific cutoffs allows you to maintain discipline and set goals that you can adhere to. Studies show that setting specific targets is effective when it comes to losing weight.

2. M – Measure your goals

In order to be consistent with your fitness journey, it’s very important to measure your goals.

Recording calorie intake will make you stricter about following a diet as it increases a sense of accountability, reducing your risk of deviating from the goals.

3. A – Achievable goals

Don’t be too hard on yourself. You will not lose 10 pounds in a day; in fact, losing weight quickly is not sustainable as your body can gain that weight back quite fast.

If something is hindering your progress and preventing you from reaching your goals, ask yourself what’s stopping you and what you can do to make it.

Set goals that are easily achievable and can make you feel accomplished when you meet them.

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4. R – Realistic goals

All of us would like to have the ideal body and look a certain way, but it’s important to remember that our body types and shapes are different. Not everyone can acquire Kendall Jenner’s bone structure and size zero figure. However, that does not mean they cannot get close to it. Push yourself to be the best version of yourself, but in the meantime, realize that there’s only so much that you can do.

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5. T – Timely goals

The most effective way to stick to your goals is by following a certain time limit. Time-bound goals increase your motivation and help you stay in check as it creates a stark sense of urgency.

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