Why Chronic Back Pain Happens – And What You Can do about it.

Chronic back pain is a leading health issue, and one of the primary causes of disabilities in America. Here are some of the causes and natural treatments to eliminate it.

Chronic back pain

Lower back pain is a leading public health issue. According to Harvard, it’s the second leading cause of disability in the US, which means 1-2% of American adults have a disability due to chronic back pain.

Furthermore, one-fifth of patients seek doctors’ consultancy for backaches because it’s one of the primary reasons for skipped workdays.

Chronic back pain can last for 3 to 6 months or even more if left untreated. It can restrict one’s ability to move, worsening the pain in the long-run.

Today, many online platforms provide the best exercises for joint pain that can help prevent backaches. However, it’s crucial to know the cause when you’re dealing with chronic back pain. Here’s everything you need to know.

Why Does it Happen?

Muscle Deconditioning

Muscle atrophy or deconditioning is one of the primary causes of chronic back pain. It occurs when your lower back muscles lose the strength and integrity to support your body’s weight properly.

Improper Posture

Your body posture plays a massive role in chronic back pain. Make sure you’re practicing good posture when sitting in an office chair for long hours on end.


Unprecedented events such as car accidents, slipping on ice, or tripping and falling can flare up and trigger chronic back pain.

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Chronic Back Pain Remedies

Here’s What You Can Do About It

Physical Therapy

The best way to cure chronic back pain without medication or surgery is through physical exertion. Your spine therapist and doctor can guide you about the best exercises for back and joint pain and you can tailor them based on the severity of your back pain.

Some of the most effective exercises to treat chronic back pain include, aerobic exercise, posture retained, core strengthening, and stretching.

 a physiotherapy session

Mindfulness & Meditation

Chronic back pain is both physically and emotionally straining, leading to lack of focus and comfort throughout the day. An ideal way to manage the irritability, depression, frustration and other emotional aspects of enduring chronic pain is seeking a rehabilitation psychologist’s assistance.

Indulge in mindful practices like well-practiced yoga and meditation to distract your mind from focusing on the pain. 

A Healthy Diet

Highly inflammatory diets consisting of trans fat, processed food, and refined sugar consumption can also worsen chronic back pain. A doctor can help you determine how your diet may be deteriorating your back’s strength.

If you’re obese, losing excess weight can help lessen your back pain.

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Looking for weight loss plans to reduce chronic back pain? Check out our diet & weight loss ideas to lead a pain-free, healthy lifestyle.

Visit our website or contact us to learn how you can prevent joint pain and chronic body stress through effective workouts and lifestyle changes.

Begin your journey today!


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