21 amazing ideas to keep fit on long holidays

Travelling is such an exciting opportunity, especially if you visit great locations and sites around the globe.

As a travel and fitness enthusiast, you get an opportunity to engage in exciting activities, among which include hiking, cycling, and even staying indoors for optimal health benefits. Here are some amazing research-based ideas to keep fit when on a vacation.

Are you an occasional holiday-maker or a serious traveler?

Are you taking a vacation with a family or solo traveler?

Whatever your goal as a traveller, the ideas mentioned below are not only ideas to achieve fitness; they are also a lifesaver in different ways.

Here are the amazing ideas to keep fit on long holidays:

Watch your diet

Starting off your day with a good and well-balanced breakfast, packed with proteins, vitamins, carbohydrates, and water gives you the necessary boost of energy that you require for the rest of the day.

Plan your day well

Before setting off on your holiday, it is important to have a well-balanced schedule outlining the kind of activities you anticipate to engage in. To stay fit, you need a perfect balance of outdoor and indoor activities.

Do not forget your fluids

The more the number of activities you engage in, especially outdoors, the higher the chances of dehydrating. To ensure a perfect homeostatic balance in your body, you need to replenish the lost fluids by staying hydrated. When moving outdoors, carrying up to two liters of water is highly advisable.

Opt for walking rather than riding

To keep fit on long holidays, you should not depend too much on riding motorized vehicles. Walking is a great alternative that helps keep your legs and cardio in the perfect condition of fitness. Cycling can also be a great opportunity to exercise your leg muscles thoroughly.

Go sightseeing

Most people often forget to exercise their minds as part of mental fitness ideas. You should endeavor to give your brain a much-needed opportunity to relax by taking a sightseeing tour of the city or even a nearby forest or arboretum.

Do not overburden yourself

Traveling for the long holidays may have you at crossroads on what to pack and what to leave behind. The kind of backpack you carry in terms of its size and weight can significantly impede your ability to keep fit on holidays. A heavy backpack will leave you with too much backache.

Don’t forget the gym

Your holiday activities should be perfectly balanced by including a few hours of working out in the gym. To add on to your ideas to keep fit, when exercising in the gym, you should focus on parts of the body that are rarely exercised or engaged when outdoors, such as your abs, fingers, toes, and joints.

Take with you some homemade supplements

To stay fit for longer during the holidays, prepare and regularly take some homemade whey protein. Taking the right serving of whey protein, about 20-50 grams per day, keeps your body readily supplied with supplements of muscle protein for a healthy holiday.

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Get a health check-ups

Your bid to stay physically fit and in perfect health condition when traveling abroad should also include visiting a medical facility for a health check-ups. After exercising your body too much with indoors and outdoors activities, your immunity can easily drop to alarming levels leading you exposed to conditions like malaria and flu.

Watch out for food poisoning

Food poisoning is a reality, especially if you are a food enthusiast who likes sampling new dishes and cuisines. Before taking any food item on the streets, it is important to understand the ingredients used in its preparations. This ensures that you do not take foods with components that you are allergic to.

Take some detox foods

Toxins that accumulate in your body can be harmful to your body organs, such as liver, kidney, and the respiratory tract. Taking some commonly available detoxifying foods and drinks, including garlic, green tea, avocado, and cruciferous vegetables helps to get rid of common toxins from the body.

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Meditation and yoga

To add to your physical fitness ideas, some elements of mental wellbeing ideas, such as well-practiced yoga and meditation, can help you to relax indoors. Taking such a break from outdoor activities gives your body the opportunity to relax and recuperate from the high-energy activities that you engaged in before.

Do not prefer snacks over meals

Snacking is a great and vicious temptation, especially when traveling outdoors. Snacks should not be utilized as an alternative to taking full meals. Snacking, rather than taking a full meal, can deprive you of the vital energy supplies you need. However, taking a few snacks while hiking can keep you energized accordingly.

Don’t forget swimming

Of all the physical activities that may impact great health benefit to your body, swimming is one of them. Using multiple swimming patterns and styles imparts numerous health benefits to the body, including toning the body and causing the skin to relax.

Go hiking

Hiking is a great idea to keep fit on holidays. Some people believe that there can’t be an interesting long holiday without going hiking. Hiking gives you a chance to get rid of high levels of calories and fat that accumulates in your body. You should remember to prepare for hiking sufficiently by carrying the hiking kit that shouldn’t be too heavy.

Indoors entertainment

Surprisingly, engaging in some form of entertainment inside your hotel room, such as dancing to music, allows you to relax and refresh. Mastering some slow dance moves soothes up your body and helps to tone your body.

Remember to use the right attire

The kind of clothes you wear when engaging in outdoor and indoor activities during the long holiday can, directly and indirectly, contribute to your fitness. Light and loose-fitting clothes when indoors and sweatpants when outdoors should be your dressing code.

Take advantage of your guide

Depending on your holiday arrangements, you may have the services of a holiday tour guide to take you around. If that is the case, you should optimally utilize the service and have him advise you on the kind of activities to engage in for optimal physical and mental benefits.

Take the stairs rather than the lift


When staying in a hotel, it is highly advisable to use the stairs rather than the lift. Using the stair burns up to 21 calories after a two-minute climb.

Have sufficient sleep

To keep fit on long holidays, sleeping should form part of your fitness and wellbeing ideas and activities. Taking up to eight to ten hours of sleep, especially at night, allows your body to rest and recuperate from the hype of activities during the day.

Engaged in seasonal activities

If you are traveling to an entirely new area, the chances are that you will find activities that can help you to keep fit on holidays. For example, going for a winter vacation in countries where winter sports are a priority allows you to benefit from winter activities, such as skiing, ice skating, sledding, and snowboarding.

Closing words for tips on fitness and wellbeing on holidays

Were not these ideas amazing to keep fit on long holidays?

These tips are not only for your fitness, but these are also for you and your family’s total well-being. Keeping fit is everyone’s goal.

Thanks to research, the above-outlined proven-to-be-working tips can help you get your body in the perfect fitness you desire. When traveling this summer or even winter, utilizing the opportunity to spruce up your fitness gets you in shape in a strain-free manner.


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