11 great ideas to stay hydrated longer

The focus of this writing is gathering some great ideas to stay hydrated longer on holidays from travellers’ experiences. Though we all can get benefitted from this nice post.

Have you ever noticed that when travelling, the chances are that you will get thirsty quicker and more often? You feel to be hydrated yourself sooner!

Well, this is not a physiological abnormality. Scientifically, your body needs a lot more water when engaging in rigorous and continuous activities, such as traveling.

Thanks to research on the human body and the entire concept of diet and nutrition, scientists have discovered a whole new lot of ways that we can use to keep hydrated longer.

Here are the amazing ideas to stay hydrated longer

1. Carry Filter Water Bottle

Like water, ther is nothing

There is no better way to cope with dehydration and stay hydrated longer while travelling than carrying an extra bottle of water. Scientists call upon us to consider taking not less than two liters of water per day. Whereas it may be impossible to carry a two-liter bottle of water with you while travelling, carrying about half a liter helps you to prevent dehydration while on a flight. Upon arrival at your destination, you can be sure to find some more water to drink.

2. Avoid sugary drinks

The temptation to take some sugary drinks while on travel can be so high. Unfortunately, sipping that glass of sugary drinks, such as coffee, tea, wine, or even a bottle of your favorite beverage, increases your chances of getting thirstier later. This is a proven scientific concept since consuming the sugars and introducing them to your bloodstream calls for more water to equalize your blood sugar concentration and keep your organs running just right.

3. Eat more high-water-content fruits


Taking some juicy fruits is a surprising strategy to help supply your body with the sufficient water required to keep hydrated longer when travelling. Nutritionists have discovered that some fruits with high water content, including watermelons, pineapples, cucumbers, and some berries, supply you with a sufficient stock of water to keep hydrated longer when travelling.

4. Amazing coconut water


Taking some coconut water drinks while on travel helps maintain the right amount of bodily electrolytes, thereby preventing excessive dehydration. Coconut water contains high quantities of these electrolytes, such as potassium. So what is the connection between these micronutrient components and keeping the dangers of dehydration at bay when travelling? The answer to this puzzle lies in the fact that these electrolytes help your body to maintain the perfect balance of water. The good thing with such a drink is that you can readily make it at home by grinding some coconut and squeezing out the water.

5. Eat rice, more rice

Rice has some interesting features that make it the perfect kind of food to take whenever traveling to help you to prevent dehydration. Rice is a super-absorbent type of grain, thereby making it the right kind of food to eat before traveling. The good thing with taking rice is that it provides you with the necessary bulk of energy that you need to stay up and about when traveling. The trick to making rice a better carrier of water in your digestive system is having it a little more salty since sodium helps your body to retain more water.

6. Take some chia seeds

Chia seeds have been determined to contain more water as they are hydrophilic. Taking a glass of these seeds is a great way to pack water within your digestive system, thereby serving as a quick remedy of dehydration. The good thing with such seeds is that they can gradually release the water into your system, thereby helping you to cope with dehydration when traveling. Taking the seeds alongside your meals is a sustainable solution as compared to taking pure water, which would most likely be quickly eliminated through urination.

7. Taking some soup

Soup has some surprising benefits in your body. Besides being delicious and packed with minerals, hot meat and vegetable soup is a great option to help your body to stay hydrated. The flavorsome soup contains electrolytes, such as potassium and sodium, which are great components that keep you hydrated for longer while traveling.

8. Apply some topical moisturizers

Another great way to help you cope with dehydration when traveling is by applying some topical moisturizers, ointments, and lotions on your face and the rest of the body. These moisturizers work miracles in keeping you hydrated for longer. They function by sealing off the skin surface’s pores, which normally facilitate dehydration through sweating. Shutting off the pores with the lotion helps you to stay hydrated for a relatively longer duration of time.

9. Dress rightly

Another intriguing aspect that increases the danger of dehydration when travelling is the kind of clothes you wear. Unbelievably, wearing some heavy clothes in warm weather tends to expose you to dehydration. A great solution that can work wonders in helping keep you hydrated for longer while on travel is dressing in light and porous clothes. Such clothes allow sufficient aeration around your body, thereby reducing the prospects of sweating heavily, one of the common causes of dehydration on a flight.

10. Plan your itinerary well

Unbelievably, your itinerary can determine your ability to stay hydrated when traveling. Whether hiking or even on a business trip, planning your itinerary carefully in terms of the kind of activities to engage in and when to do so may help prevent the dangers of dehydration from catching up with you. You should ensure that any strenuous outdoor activities are slotted in for the morning or the evening hours when temperatures are low. This ideology works well and is a quick remedy of dehydration.

11. Avoid nuts and dry foods

Sometimes, when thinking of ways to avoid dehydration when traveling, a quick solution lies in avoiding a certain type of food, especially biscuits, nuts, and potato chips. Such foods are probably your travel favorites but would have you get dehydrated much quicker than you actually think.

Last words

I absolutely sure that on travel or holidays people barely think of this necessity of hydration. But I hope, these tips will be helpful to you for your next journey. Leave your thought or suggesions in the comment box!

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