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Gut health for weight loss: 4 easy ways to losing weight in 2021

It can be frustrating to see that your pals eat whatever they like, do an extremely little exercise, and still, they look fit and lean. 

It might not just be incredible metabolic powers, since gut germs and body weight are connected in numerous methods. Keep reading to discover how. 

Gut health for weight loss- a story of some friends

Weight-loss is much easier with a friend. Isn’t it?

So how about a couple of trillion of them? 

Granted, these particular good friends aren’t very friendly towards some foods, and they most likely won’t like any of your meal pictures on Instagram. But they sure can help you lose weight in the least uncomfortable way possible. 

If you have not figured it out by now, the “good friends” are the bacteria (and other wee beasties, but they’re mainly germs) that reside in your gut.

Your gut microorganisms might assist you to preserve a healthy body shape and even hold the answer to why some of us are protected from obesity.

These gut bacteria form an environment associated with crucial functions like metabolism, hunger, and food digestion. Your microbiome is important for many more aspects of your body, including your weight.

Gut bacteria, a sample

Altogether, this can adversely impact your health and may even describe why you put on weight more quickly than other individuals. But like your weight, gut microbial health is also affected by your way of life. 

That’s right, food and workout are also essential for the diversity of your gut germs. Look for slim gut bacteria and you’ll actually check out about microorganisms that strengthen the gut lining and regulate your metabolic process.

Gut bacteria impact your weight in a couple of ways. They change their behavior just how much energy you receive from your food. Some people “waste” a great deal of calories from their food due to the fact that they have gut bacteria that are actually inefficient or they are not habitual to take healthy and gut-friendly foods. As a result, they suffer tummy swelling, bloating or gastric problems.

Swelling drives fat accumulation in manner which are too complicated to explain about here, but there are some research papers mentioned at the end of this article on it, if you’re interested take a look. They affect feelings of hunger and fullness. They impact insulin level of sensitivity and metabolic health. So if you’re trying to drop weight, you truly want all these gut friends in your corner.

Simply, our gut germs have 250 to 800 times more genes than we have human genes. A lot more remarkable, these bacterial genes make compounds that get into the human blood stream, affecting our body chemistry. That indicates it is totally plausible that the bacteria in our gut is affecting our health.

The gut and weight link

I am following diet plans and doing my exercises; but seeing no result. 

Where is the problem then?

gut health for weight loss

Maybe the problem lies in your lifestyle. Maybe you are following those plans but not following in a manner that needed for you. For this reason, nobody should go for a diet plan before knowing their bodies properly. Consult with your doctor and dietician before you fall into a lifestyle change.

Now, before you make yourself frustrated, it is good to know that gut germs are extremely resistant and always delighted to go back to “normal” which in this case you normally consume. This suggests that whatever diet works for your gut, eat that method consistently and regularly. Gut health for weight loss deeply links to this point. It takes a while to get your gut bacteria to recognise something as the “new normal.”  And, same way there are all sort of reasons regular workout is great for you for healthy gut and weight loss.

Can you increase the good bacteria in your gut?

This is the easy part. It consists of 4 ways. Combine these 4 ways that definitely make your way to weight loss.

There are some foods, drinks, exercises and lifestyle that can improve and increase good gut bacteria. A good gut leads to a fit body.

1. Good food for gut:

Include a variety of leafy vegetable and fruits in your diet plan. I know, most of us do not like this. But believe me or not, your gut microbiome needs fibre to get healthy bacteria. Scientific studies have repeated this matter al the time. 

Do not go for just one or two vegetables that you like most. Rather you should change them occasionally. 

Avoid snacking with ready-made foods like crisp and oily foods. Use coconut oil occasionally to cook your food. Coconut oil has anti-inflammatory properties. 

Fermented veggies like pickles and sauerkraut (finely cut raw cabbage) are a very good source of probiotics and probiotics for the gut health and good digestive system.

2. Good drinks for gut:

gut friendly food for weight loss

Drinks like yoghurt is a superfood for your gut. Fermented drinks/foods such as yoghurt, kombucha and kefir contain Lactobacilli which can reduce the amount of disease-causing species in the gut. If you are thinking about the gut health for weight loss you cannot overlook these drinks.

Avoid all sugary or alcoholic and fizzy drinks. Replace them with natural fruit juice and water. These are the most dangerous of any food or drink you consume. 

3. Lifestyle for gut: 

Include good sleep and discipline in your lifestyle. When you sleep, your gut is not sleeping as your body is just taking rest. Give your gut a good span of resting time by not eating anything. They need that badly.

Fasting can help you by this way. A regular fasting like intermittent fasting is very effective. In this regards, breaking fasting is very important with good selection of foods and drinks. We will talk about it some other time. 

4. Exercise for gut: 

There are some exercises that seems very helpful for your gut. 

Any exercise is good for you? Maybe not. An adult with chronic back pain cannot do any exercises. 

So, go for yoga but learn them from a yoga trainer. Yoga has techniques to calm down your nervous system, control your breathing and ease your gut.

For all ages, make a habit of walking every day. Even a short walk after a big meal can boost your gut health a lot. Never ignore this easy method of exercise. 

How do probiotics help with weight loss?

Probiotic can help to reduce obesity and lose weight. A good study has been published in 2018 on NCBI website. It mentioned that there is scientific evidence which describes the relationship between gut microbiota with probiotics. Probiotics possibly can prevent overweight problems. Though all probiotics are not helpful for this. Some probiotics like Lactobacillus can be found plenty in Yogurt. 

But more research is needed on probiotics to get a definite conclusion. But a new research published on NCBI site on probiotics states that they have influence on balancing some of the bacteria in the gut or gastrointestinal tract. This study concludes that probiotic supplements can help for weight loss and reduce Inflammatory Bowel disease(IBS).

So, it can be said that good probiotic supplements can be helpful for your weight loss journey.

Your take– gut health for weight loss in 2021

In 2021, target your gut health to achieve your weight loss program.

If you are over-weight or obese and need to reduce your weight then you should take care of your gut first. You already may have understood that a healthy gut can help you to lose weight.

A healthy gut is also boosting your immune system to fight against bad bacteria and viruses.

There is a well-known saying- “ You Are What You Eat”. What you eat goes to your gastrointestinal tract. Then foods become vitamin, minerals, fibre and so on. Then those distributed to the whole body. So, we need to take care of our gut properly. 

Your gut health depends not only on your food, it also depends on your body movement and psychological balance (need good sleep). A good lifestyle with a good habit of eating is enough to keep you fit and healthy. This way, you never need to worry about your weight loss. 

Here is a good talk worth watching about gut health for weight loss.



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